I have been slacking off. When I got back from vacation I found myself having a hard time getting back into my routine both with food and with my exercise.

I do not really have any good excuse. Just that I did not have the motivation. I guess this is not uncommon but I kept thinking about what I can do about getting back to my groove and motivation.

I concluded that there was not anything I could do but simply wait until I felt my motivation come back on its own as it tends to come back once I start feeling unusually large and uncomfortable in my own skin. And as usual, I was right. I have gained weight (not sure how much as I have been on a scale yet) and I am starting to feel that my health is deteriorating.

As soon as I felt these things change, my motivation started coming back to me. I guess it is my brain naturally telling me I need to start focusing on my health again. I just hope I am not starting from scratch this time around.

My next step was to figure out what I could do to keep my motivation. Usually, I need a set of goals, I need a consistency of motivation, I need results and I need guidelines.

My next post will be about setting my goals, guidelines and how I could go about creating consistent motivation and then I would simply have to trust that the results will come.

Mike and I have been doing A LOT with my other blog that I write for SociallySuperlative. Perhaps, too much as I have been writing articles one after the other and I have not really been motivated to write here for the lack of energy and inspiration.

As we always agreed that health comes first, I will try and cut down on my articles with SociallySuperlative and focus more on what really matters. My weight loss.

Some of the things, I know motivate me are seeing images of myself being overweight, as I hate looking at images of myself, especially, when it is obvious that I am much larger than everyone else. So do not be shy to share those images. I tend to stop being motivated as soon as I start seeing results which is not really a great trade and I have a long way to go an loosing 10 pounds is not really rocking the boat when I have a total of 100 pounds to loose. So please encourage me continuing this process and help me if I reach out for help, motivation or simply the need to get distracted from eating a tub of ice cream.

One thing I do know, is, that I can’t do it alone. I need the help of my family and friends as my backbone tends to be a bit weak.

Hoping for your help, encouragement and engagement and I will try and commit to my new plan (to come).

All help is welcome!


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  1. I know the feeling of not having the motivation and the food just keep on calling my name. Jeg hepper på dig og du skal nok finde kampgejsten igen. Hvis jeg var dig, ville jeg hyre en personlig træner i 3-4 måneder. Du tjener løn til at give dig selv den vigtige gave, og har du en der holder pisken 3-4 gange i ugen, tror jeg du hurtigt kan se resultater. Håber det lykkedes dig. Knus Trine

    1. Hej Søs, tusinde tak for opbakningen. Jeg har overvejet den personlige træner, men tænker, jeg skal bruge det kort, når jeg er ved at miste motiveringen igen. Så er det bare at bruge det kort, på det rette tidspunkt 😀