Week 30: Love The Holidays!

It is that time of year for holiday cheer and well you know how it goes… Needless to say, those of you who know me well, knows that I LOVE Christmas time. I have been trying to think about what it is about Christmas that makes me love it so much. It is certainly not fond family memories, they only came as an adult as a child they were disastrous, always drama and always fighting so as a kid I hated Christmas. I, always, got disappointed.

So what changed? I think it is just the mood of the season. The joy, anticipation and simply knowing that it is all about family and friends. As always, I promise myself I can’t listed to Christmas music until December 1st. This year it changed as Mike convinced me that after Santa has entered the Macy’s parade that is when Christmas starts so I have listened to Christmas music since. Yes, it plays on repeat at my house. So much so that on Friday evening, the day after Thanksgiving, Mike declared that he was over Christmas music for the season already. Good thing I do not care what he wants when it comes to Christmas.

Even though, I have not played Christmas music for that long I feel like this season has been a lot longer than it normally is…. and I love it! I hope you are all enjoying your Holidays as well, be it Christmas or Hanukkah.

Great segue to tell you all about what my Christmas season has looked like so far. My season started with the Silver Hill Gala, best gala in a looooong time and honestly, I just love how we look, Mike and I, when we dress up.

After the gala my friend Dorte came to visit and as always we were spoiled and had the best time. She brought a Christmas Advent Calendar (Julekalender, for those of you who speak Danish, as the two are VERY different concepts for Danes) and a bunch of Christmas decoration stuff – Danish style of course! We went to Macy’s to check out their sale as most Danes come to shop as it is usually a lot cheaper than in Denmark. I think we had more fun trying some of their Christmas outfits than actual shopping.

(Not sure what my tongue is doing but it is a fun picture).

Then the city finally started decorating for Christmas and our building was no exception and it was time for Thanksgiving and my Christmas Party. Of course I do not have any pictures of that but I do have a picture of the Christmas tree in the building.


When my sis came to New York is when Christmas really started. Family and with a Christmas walk up through 5th avenue… if you can’t get into the Christmas spirit after that, there is no hope for you. The Saks windows and light show with the Rockefeller Christmas tree and decorations. It is gorgeous. I am not going to show any pictures as you have to come and check it out and honestly, no picture or video will do it justice.

It was great seeing my sister and her boyfriend though and until I got sick we had a great time together.

And tonight we have our company Christmas party.

As you can tell, we are busy busy busy and the holiday fun is not letting up which is why I in the beginning of December announced that my goal for December is simply to stay on the weight that I am 220lb. I still go to the gym and do my work outs otherwise I would not be able to stay at 220 but I can be a bit more lenient when it comes to food and drinks. You gotta have fun during Christmas!

Talk to everyone in a couple of weeks and for the December weigh-in.


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Week 28: Status Report

I can’t believe it has been 28 weeks already. Where did the time go?

Well, I guess, I have to catch you up on what has happened this past month. As you can tell from the picture, I am now down to 220.6lb (99.9kg) and I have officially lost my first 20lb (9kg) (actually 22lb (10kg) but I skipped the 20 so… I still want to celebrate). I can now say that I am under a 100 kilos. It is a number, I always told myself I would NEVER get above. Yet here, I was… Waaaaay over 100 kilos. My next goal is to get to 195lb (88 kilos). That was what I weighed 7 years ago. Shortly after I had meet Mike, I had to go to the doctor and she did a full check up and my number was 195lb. She was kind enough (read a little sarcasm in between the lines) to tell me that I was over weight and should consider loosing some. Well, thank you doctor and I then gained 50+ lb (23kg) after that… yikes!

So the new year will bring me to that goal. 195lb and I will be back in “Onederland” and Mike will get back the body he first knew, or at least somewhat. A 50lb weight gain WILL make changes to your body that you can’t undo unfortunately. And they are not flattering changes. I have these fat pockets by my hipbones, you know the ones that normally protrudes on skinny girls and that gets highlighted as something sexy because it signals that they are skinny and therefore beautiful?? Yeah, mine… not protruding but hiding from the world under an inch of fat. Hopefully, I can dig them out a bit.

Last time, I wrote, I had signed up for an 8K in January. Unfortunately, my legs did not want to come with me, or at least my one shin. Every time I would start running it would burn, burn like something in my muscle was tearing apart so I decided I needed to stop running and let my body heal. I have still been going to the gym but staying away from any high impact workouts. I have had running tests done a few times and I know that I tend towards overpronation when running, which means when running I need a shoe that supports my arch. My current shoe is neutral, meaning you do not lean more to one side or the other on your foot when running, which means it has not given me the support that I need. I knew this when I started running but the shoes that really helps me are so darn expensive. Well lesson learned. Don’t be cheap if you run. You need the right shoe. Needless to say. I will not be making my 8K in January but I will train for a run in March instead with my new shoes having just arrived and it will give me enough time to start out slow. Will keep you posted on the progress.

And now for my December plans. Can you believe it is already December? Well, we all know that after Thanksgiving all bets are off when it comes to your diet so my goal for this season is simple. Don’t gain weight.

If I can stand on the scale on January 2nd and it still says 220lb. I will be a happy woman (I almost wrote girl, but who am I kidding… can’t pass for one of those anymore). Any motivation you can send my way to get my butt out the door and to the gym is very welcome as I will need it for these cold, dark December days. I believe my friend offered to text me in the morning. If you are still up for that. I need to get out of bed at 5am in the morning. I will happily text you as well as we need to get out in the mornings.

Next week my sister is coming and that will be a test in itself. That I go even though she will be here and I would just want to sleep as I would probably be tired but please kick me out of that bed as I really need to get up and get out.

Well, that was it for now.




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