Week 40: Being Productive

I have had one of the most productive weeks in a long time. This usually happens when I have WAAAAAAY too much to do before a deadline. I work very well with deadlines but that also means that I am an awful procrastinator.

Since we got the plain tickets for Europe, I have been in “I need to get s..t done” mode. I am sort of impressed that we got all of your plane tickets for just below of $1,300 for the both of us and that was even with one of the dates not being flexible which definitely drove up the price (by roughly $350, if my memory serves me right).

Back to the “I am getting s..t done” mode… When I had the tickets settled it was about time for me to figure out what needed to be done before we could leave and what we would be comfortable with. My husband is not a “let’s just wing it” kind of guy. Things needs to be thoroughly planned out before we leave. Oddly enough, not necessarily where we are staying. We are still looking for places to stay in Porto and Paris but we have a maybe from a couple of couchsurfers, so that is good at least.

My list looked something like this:

  • Send box (A friend of a friend had a package sent to us that I needed to send to Denmark)
  • Pay bills
  • Pay student loan
  • Activate my new Danish Debit Card
  • Write Blog
  • Purchase dress for wedding (the reason we are going to Europe after all)
  • Create itineraries for London, Porto, Lisbon, Paris and Denmark.
  • Make a list of what to bring to Europe
  • Purchase phone/data SIMs (my sister is coming with her family and they need new SIM cards as their phones would not work in the US).
  • Create New York itinerary for my sister.
  • Purchase Mike’s Tux
  • Clean apartment
  • Hang images (and mirror)
  • Buy nails and hammer (my friend Claudia actually got me these so that was an easy one to cross of my list)
  • Wash clothes
  • Buy board and Atlas for livingroom
  • Print images of friends (for a picture in the hall way)

My husband is not a “let’s just wing it” kind of guy. Things needs to be thoroughly planned out before we leave.

A bit of a list and I did not get to do all of it but I still have a couple of weeks to go. I sent the box, paid my bills and loan, activated my new debit card, purchased the dress (and tried it on, it fits!), wrote last weeks blog post, hung images and the mirror and I am well into creating the itinerary for Porto, Lisbon, Paris and Denmark. All the while, I was having a big meeting at work that I needed to focus on. So all in all, it was one of my better weeks and I am thinking this week will be no different but with a couple of things added as we will do a restaurant review tomorrow and I will be celebrating my in-laws 49th wedding anniversary. Yeah! 49th.. Crazy, right? It is inspiring to see a couple live their lives together for so long and I am definitely taking notes on how they have made it so far.

Because I have been so busy, it also means that I have been good and too distracted to think about food and sweets in particular. Not that it shows on the scale as I am weighing the same as last week but I know what I did this week and I am completely OK with that.

As I see it. It is always a positive for your diet if you can distract yourself from the routinely thoughts of chocolate, cake, cookies, ice cream or what have you. That is why I love moments like these where I am in a go go go go go mood. I am too busy to even notice my cravings. That is why distracting yourself when you are trying to loose weight is a good tool. Not that I should be using it all the time but sometimes it is nice to get a break from analyzing my “why do I crave chocolate right now? Would it be OK to eat some or should I try and drink some water? Is it that time of day where I crave sugar (usually in the afternoon for me)?” and the list continues.

That is why distracting yourself when you are trying to loose weight is a good tool.

Starting off my week right. I am updating my to-do list and I know that by Thursday morning, my itineraries will be done, final bus tickets purchased and I have the last weekend to clean the apartment and get things settled before we have to take off. For some reason I am so excited about this trip. Even more than usual. I just hope, that I won’t jinx it and set my expectations too high.

Would love to know if anyone has tried staying on track with their weight while traveling or loose weight while on vacation (being sick does not count, lol!)? Any insights, tools or suggestions would be appreciated!

And if you or someone you know are offering a bed, room, couch to crash in Porto or Paris don’t be shy either.

A few images from my productive week 😀


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Week 30: Love The Holidays!

It is that time of year for holiday cheer and well you know how it goes… Needless to say, those of you who know me well, knows that I LOVE Christmas time. I have been trying to think about what it is about Christmas that makes me love it so much. It is certainly not fond family memories, they only came as an adult as a child they were disastrous, always drama and always fighting so as a kid I hated Christmas. I, always, got disappointed.

So what changed? I think it is just the mood of the season. The joy, anticipation and simply knowing that it is all about family and friends. As always, I promise myself I can’t listed to Christmas music until December 1st. This year it changed as Mike convinced me that after Santa has entered the Macy’s parade that is when Christmas starts so I have listened to Christmas music since. Yes, it plays on repeat at my house. So much so that on Friday evening, the day after Thanksgiving, Mike declared that he was over Christmas music for the season already. Good thing I do not care what he wants when it comes to Christmas.

Even though, I have not played Christmas music for that long I feel like this season has been a lot longer than it normally is…. and I love it! I hope you are all enjoying your Holidays as well, be it Christmas or Hanukkah.

Great segue to tell you all about what my Christmas season has looked like so far. My season started with the Silver Hill Gala, best gala in a looooong time and honestly, I just love how we look, Mike and I, when we dress up.

After the gala my friend Dorte came to visit and as always we were spoiled and had the best time. She brought a Christmas Advent Calendar (Julekalender, for those of you who speak Danish, as the two are VERY different concepts for Danes) and a bunch of Christmas decoration stuff – Danish style of course! We went to Macy’s to check out their sale as most Danes come to shop as it is usually a lot cheaper than in Denmark. I think we had more fun trying some of their Christmas outfits than actual shopping.

(Not sure what my tongue is doing but it is a fun picture).

Then the city finally started decorating for Christmas and our building was no exception and it was time for Thanksgiving and my Christmas Party. Of course I do not have any pictures of that but I do have a picture of the Christmas tree in the building.


When my sis came to New York is when Christmas really started. Family and with a Christmas walk up through 5th avenue… if you can’t get into the Christmas spirit after that, there is no hope for you. The Saks windows and light show with the Rockefeller Christmas tree and decorations. It is gorgeous. I am not going to show any pictures as you have to come and check it out and honestly, no picture or video will do it justice.

It was great seeing my sister and her boyfriend though and until I got sick we had a great time together.

And tonight we have our company Christmas party.

As you can tell, we are busy busy busy and the holiday fun is not letting up which is why I in the beginning of December announced that my goal for December is simply to stay on the weight that I am 220lb. I still go to the gym and do my work outs otherwise I would not be able to stay at 220 but I can be a bit more lenient when it comes to food and drinks. You gotta have fun during Christmas!

Talk to everyone in a couple of weeks and for the December weigh-in.


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Week 18: Getting Too Busy

Week 18: I must admit, I do not have a recent picture from my scale but I went up and then down. Now I am around 224lb (101.6kg). As I am currently, in a summer home in Denmark I do not have access to a scale so I will have to skip the most recent image.

I would not say being in Denmark is any easier. Food is abundant and there is always an excuse. I am trying hard to stay on the straight and arrow but I have fallen into the cakes a few times. I have instead been working out almost every day. I had completely forgotten how much I enjoy swimming.

Luckily, my family has been a great support and have been working out with me most of the days I have been here. Having been away from Denmark for so many years, I am starting to appreciate it more and more. And I still love our nature. Denmark is beautiful.


20160924_170731        20160924_143150

I know, I have not written in 7 weeks which is not really great, both for my own progress but also, for you my kind readers. Work got insane and I honestly did not really have the energy if I also had to focus on my gym time. I will say though that even though the scale is not showing it I feel much better and my clothes fits just right now. Feels great!

I am still keeping my motivation and I am still trying to make the right choices but I do keep falling into the same issue of having excuses. I need to not even think about excuses. I, honestly, do not have any excuses. Not any good excuses anyways.

How do you all get motivated when you have to do something you do not particularly enjoy? Usually, music helps. It distracts me and I can sing along which makes me feel better (I might be addicted to singing). Any distractions really. As long as it keeps me from thinking about treats. Although, I am the kind of person that needs downtime and just needs to lay in bed and watch TV which is the time where I tend to eat things I should not (this is when I am alone, though). So I can’t have “downtime” alone. Mike always has to be with me. I really should figure out how to not crave sweets the way that I do when I am alone.

I have been thinking a lot about why I crave sweets, usually when I am alone and I do not have anything special on my agenda. Why is it that it is when I am alone and when I can’t distract myself. I think there are a few reasons for this. One, my childhood. Whenever, I would come home from school, I would be alone and I would, like I do to this day, go through all of our kitchen cabinets to find food. After finding whatever treats I could find, I would go in front of the TV and have my “alone time” before my family would get home. I do the exact same thing today. Is this a sign that I need to grow up? Or has the routine just become that? A routine? How do I break that routine?

That is my next project in my weightloss adventure. How do I break my habits of eating in front of the TV? I have already spent hours researching this so I have a few ideas already. One thing, I can think of first hand is. I am incredibly bad at making sure that I have healthy snack foods in the fridge. I need to create more healthy snack foods around me so I can exchange the bad foods with the healthy. I do not think my “downtime” is a bad thing. We all need it. It just does not have to be focused around sweets. If I could kick the habit completely that would be great but lets take small steps and see if having healthier options in the fridge and ready to go would not be a help.

Should any of you have great knowledge or ideas on how to kick my bad habit of eating junk in front of the computer please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I am open to ideas and if I think I could incorporate the idea, I might even write about my experience.

Have a great day from Denmark!







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Week 2: Already Off Track


Week 2, what can I say. Yes I lost a bit of weight (2.2 pounds/1kg) but I definitely, did not do what I could. I was a bit too generous with myself. It is a constant struggle of not eating that cake, croissant or ice cream that is right in front of me. I can’t put myself in an environment where there is no cake, ice cream or what have you. At work they have it, my husband has it and honestly, even if I do not have anything at home, I just go to the local store and get whatever I want. There is no self control at this point. I am a bit furious with myself, to say the least.

I wish there was a magic wand where I did not crave sugary and fatty things. No hypnosis is not for me, I do not take drugs in any way (I even have declined happy pills for my depression) so it is all based on will-power and being honest and open.

Sometimes when I read about peoples opinions about overweight people (you know what kind of comments I am talking about, you might have read them yourself, written them yourself or tried defending obese/overweight people in the comments section) and how we should simply just stop eating. It puts me in a unique position to think about people that have culture, habits and so forth so deeply ingrained in them that things do not “simply” change because you say so and this is even contingent on the fact that people want to change. It makes me wonder if we as a species are doomed?

But enough of the self pity… I am back on the horse and I am determined to go to the gym 3 times this week and attend the Bryant Park free yoga Thursday evening. So stay tuned for more on that front.. Should be hilarious pictures. I am so not a yoga person but I need to switch it up once and a while and also, it is all about the adventure. Who would not want to try yoga with 500 other people in a beautiful green park in the middle of New York? It is full on Sex and The City!

See you soon, feel free to join me for some yoga fun on Thursday!





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