Week 18: Getting Too Busy

Week 18: I must admit, I do not have a recent picture from my scale but I went up and then down. Now I am around 224lb (101.6kg). As I am currently, in a summer home in Denmark I do not have access to a scale so I will have to skip the most recent image.

I would not say being in Denmark is any easier. Food is abundant and there is always an excuse. I am trying hard to stay on the straight and arrow but I have fallen into the cakes a few times. I have instead been working out almost every day. I had completely forgotten how much I enjoy swimming.

Luckily, my family has been a great support and have been working out with me most of the days I have been here. Having been away from Denmark for so many years, I am starting to appreciate it more and more. And I still love our nature. Denmark is beautiful.


20160924_170731        20160924_143150

I know, I have not written in 7 weeks which is not really great, both for my own progress but also, for you my kind readers. Work got insane and I honestly did not really have the energy if I also had to focus on my gym time. I will say though that even though the scale is not showing it I feel much better and my clothes fits just right now. Feels great!

I am still keeping my motivation and I am still trying to make the right choices but I do keep falling into the same issue of having excuses. I need to not even think about excuses. I, honestly, do not have any excuses. Not any good excuses anyways.

How do you all get motivated when you have to do something you do not particularly enjoy? Usually, music helps. It distracts me and I can sing along which makes me feel better (I might be addicted to singing). Any distractions really. As long as it keeps me from thinking about treats. Although, I am the kind of person that needs downtime and just needs to lay in bed and watch TV which is the time where I tend to eat things I should not (this is when I am alone, though). So I can’t have “downtime” alone. Mike always has to be with me. I really should figure out how to not crave sweets the way that I do when I am alone.

I have been thinking a lot about why I crave sweets, usually when I am alone and I do not have anything special on my agenda. Why is it that it is when I am alone and when I can’t distract myself. I think there are a few reasons for this. One, my childhood. Whenever, I would come home from school, I would be alone and I would, like I do to this day, go through all of our kitchen cabinets to find food. After finding whatever treats I could find, I would go in front of the TV and have my “alone time” before my family would get home. I do the exact same thing today. Is this a sign that I need to grow up? Or has the routine just become that? A routine? How do I break that routine?

That is my next project in my weightloss adventure. How do I break my habits of eating in front of the TV? I have already spent hours researching this so I have a few ideas already. One thing, I can think of first hand is. I am incredibly bad at making sure that I have healthy snack foods in the fridge. I need to create more healthy snack foods around me so I can exchange the bad foods with the healthy. I do not think my “downtime” is a bad thing. We all need it. It just does not have to be focused around sweets. If I could kick the habit completely that would be great but lets take small steps and see if having healthier options in the fridge and ready to go would not be a help.

Should any of you have great knowledge or ideas on how to kick my bad habit of eating junk in front of the computer please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I am open to ideas and if I think I could incorporate the idea, I might even write about my experience.

Have a great day from Denmark!







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