Summer Friday Fun

My first post about one of the many distractions I need to find throughout the week to not eat all the stuff that I should not be eating. Besides this one day, I have spent my evenings sowing my husbands clothes that has holes in them, working out, went to the Broadway musical Fun Home and beginning this blog.

On Friday, May 27th,  Memorial Day weekend, the office decided we could leave early. Time to take advantage of time that I normally do not get. While I was waiting for my husband to finish up his work I walked up to Central Park to meet and have lunch with him. It was one of the first days of summer so full humidity had not kicked in yet. It was a gorgeous day that I simply could not take for granted. We had already planned Oysters and The Whitney but now that we had a little extra time, lunch and a visit to his parents was added to the agenda.


After lunch at Central Park we walked up to his parents (who lives just a few blocks away from where we had lunch). This morning my husband and our roommate had installed our A/C and there were gaps in the window that needed to be covered. His mom was cleaning out her portfolio (she was/is an interior decorator) of sketches and she was throwing out so good pieces of cardboard that we could use to cover up the wholes. With two big pieces of cardboard (barely fit into one of those large CVS plastic bags) in hand I went to our favorite oyster place to put our name in.

Cull and Pistol, located in Chelsea Market, has $1 oysters (any oyster on the menu) every Friday from 4-6pm and although I have high cholesterol we do indulge every 6 months or so.

It is usually an hours way so I went to the bookstore in Chelsea Market and perused their Recipe Books Section. I usually take a picture of the books that I would like to read and I borrow them at the library. It is a great way to save money and to kill less trees in the world.

20160527_161121 20160527_161046

After taking a basillian pictures of books Mike (my hubby, if you had not guessed) arrived and few minutes later our table was ready (talking about good timing – he is excellent at that).

After we devoured 8 oysters each and a liter of water we walked down to stand in line to get into The Whitney during their “Pay As You Wish” time (every Friday from 7-10pm).

20160527_174740 20160527_174647 20160527_172631

When I was younger I was not really into art but then I discovered drawings and how amazing photography can be and I can’t get enough of either. I will let the pictures speak for themselves and I can only encourage you to visit your local museum or art gallery once in a while. You can’t help but get inspired.

20160527_193929 20160527_193837  20160527_191819 20160527_191446  20160527_19025620160527_191405


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Week 1: Butterflies

My first week, my first post. I have butterflies. This is what is going to set the tone for my blog, it is now that I commit for the first time in my life, it is now that I truly break away from what my parents and I taught myself growing up.

I know, I will make mistakes, even though I know it is natural and OK, it still freaks me out. So much is at stake. Years of my lift is at stake at this point and I have already done damage to my body. I can no longer ignore the fact that I am obese. I am struggling with high blood pressure, high cholesterol (not just due to being overweight but family history) and an addiction. I am addicted to sugar, fat… food. I think about my next fix as soon as I have finished my first. When I was younger, I was the one who would barely eat, throw up if I did eat because I was feeling so disgusting. I was anorexic and bulimic. Now, I eat, feel disgusted with myself and eat some more because that moment when I eat, I do not think about anything but what I am eating. It is a vicious circle. I have gone to therapy and I have been part of Weight Watchers, I have wanted to get friends to lose weight with me. I have tried it all… except for 1 thing. I have never tried being honest. This is my pledge. I will be as honest as I can be with everything that I write, as open about who I am, what I eat, how much I exercise. I have nothing to loose at this point.

It is a bit scary as I have always hidden my eating habits. Not even my husband knows how much I at times can eat in one sitting. Every time I see a TV Show or read a blog, I feel people change their lives drastically and honestly, how many of us has that kind of freedom or the desire to change our lives where fitness becomes the main focus of our lives? Not me. I want to go out and have fun, I want to explore, I want to have adventures. Which is why I named my blog A Weightloss Adventure.

I want my cookie and I want to have fun while eating it but I also want to be healthy. That is what my blog is about. Having fun, allowing some of the foods that I love while still striving for a healthy and normal body.

Fun Home
We love being goofy

I do believe if you need to lose weight, you need a goal. My overall goal is to loose 100lb (45kg) but I want to take it in chunks and I want to take my time. If I want my cookie as well, I need to arm myself with patience.

So with that said, I believe it is time to walk through my first week. My status report.

I started my first week with a weight of 242.2lb (109.9kg). Measurements were 50″ around my hips, 42″ around my waist, 47″ around my bust and 17″ around my arms. I am 5′ 5″ so you can calculate that I am in the obese category.

I think I carry myself well. I dress well. Which means that I have been able to hide just how overweight I really am. So there it is. The image proving my weight.

It has not been an easy week and I have definitely had my fair share of things I should not have eaten but I have been able to keep my overeating to a minimum and I look forward to seeing what the scale says tomorrow morning.

See you tomorrow!



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